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Session Prep Guide

Your Family/Portrait Session is coming up! Now that you are booked, here is some information to get you ready for your session. 

My biggest piece of advice...Don't stress! I got this! Just go with the flow. If you have little ones in your session, it's really important we keep them happy. If they start to get fussy, I will refocus their attention. I am experienced in managing the chaos and capturing genuine laughter and sweet moments. If they have a melt down during the session, it's okay! A little crying never scared me. It’s best to help me keep the session lighthearted and fun. Don't tell your children to “smile”. It never works well. Let me guide the session and create natural, real smiles.

General Tips

  • Moms, If you aren't great at hair and makeup, I encourage you to have your hair and makeup professionally done for your session.

    • It will make a big difference in photos!

  • Avoid getting a sunburn or tan lines before your session.

    •  These will show in photos and removal will not be included in standard editing.

    • Do not get a Spray Tan as they tend to photograph very orange. Trust me! 

  • Keep your nails clean. 

    • All natural, French manicure, or pale pink photograph best​Chipped polish is distracting.

  • Change your little ones once you arrive. 

    • Avoid the spit up, wrinkles, and whatever else your kiddos tend to do to their outfits in a twenty minute car ride! ​

  • Be on Time. 

    • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your designated shoot time to make sure everyone is dressed and ready to be able to start shooting at your session time.​ Any time that you are late will cut directly into your session time resulting in less than the guaranteed number of images.

  • If your husband or kids are anything like mine, please feed them ahead of time ;)

    • Hanger is real. Eat! Just please don't do it on the way to the session to avoid food in teeth and messy faces. 

  • Bring snacks for your little ones.

    • Think something small you could give throughout the session, but think mess free- no chocolate or anything colored that would melt or run down their face. Puffs are a great option. 

  • Empty Pockets. No Phones, keys, etc. 


















Choosing What to Wear


What you decide to wear for your session is very important to the overall look in your images. While something may look beautiful in person, that does not always mean that it will photograph well. Please read over all of the below suggestions carefully and refer back to them as you are selecting your outfits. Please email outfits you are considering and I will be happy to give feedback and/or suggestions. I am here to help! 


  • Women: DO wear a Maxi Dress or flowy skirt.

    • They photograph better and much more feminine and flattering than pants or shorts/short dresses. 

  • DO Choose outfits that are earth tones, neutrals or soft pastels

    • These colors photograph best in combination with my style of photography. 

  • DO Wear Solids or Florals

    • Avoid logos and large words on clothing​ as they can be distracting.

  • DO Wear clothes that fit in a natural outdoor environment.

    • Men: Leave your stiff work pants and collared shirts at home. Go with casual khakis or colored pants/jeans, and a relaxed shirt.

    • Women: Wear wedges, booties, or sandals. Leave your stilettos at home. They will not fit in with the environment and they will be very hard to walk in where we are shooting. 

  • DO Let your little ones go barefoot.

    • If your little one is not walking yet, skip the shoes. I love seeing baby toes! Plus, they will probably be trying to pull off their shoes constantly. Otherwise, the leather moccasins that stay on their feet photograph very well.



  • DON'T choose outfits that are bright or bold colors.

    • These colors reflect back creating unflattering skin tones (red, corals, blacks, neons)

  • DON'T wear white.

    • White gets blown out easily in photos. Off white and ivory photograph much better. 

  • DON'T wear shorts (adults).

    • They look adorable on little ones in photos. However, they aren't the best option for adults. ​

  • DON'T wear a watch.

    • It will reflect light back into the camera and can be distracting in photos. 

  • DON'T wear anything strapless.

    • No matter how fit you are, strapless dresses will create a "roll" where your arm meets your torso. Also, some up close images you may appear naked! ​Off the shoulder dresses are okay! It's the true strapless/tube top dresses that cause problems. 

Be in the moment and don’t stress about the end result. You will be more emotionally attached to the images if you have let loose while taking them. If you are worried about how your children are smiling, or if Dad is irritated (they usually are), then you will think of that every time you look at your photos. Relax, enjoy the time spent with your family, and I will catch some amazing moments that you will cherish forever!

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